About Us

Welcome to our online shop Hakata Precious

Our goal is to introduce one of Japan’s traditional crafts, HAKATA NINGYO, to the world. We hope you’ll share our enthusiasm and love for these works.

The artworks (products) have been painstakingly handmade piece by piece by skilled craftsmen.

Hakata Precious has been twice awarded the Prime Minister's Award, and has received multiple other recognitions. We also hold many exhibitions and demonstration abroad. The majority of the works we sell were created by master Kajiwara Shoji.

After serving his apprenticeship with Kajiwara Shoji for about 10 years, Miyanaga Homare took matters into his own hands and became an independent craftsman. The works of  his is also available here.

About prices

All products are sold in Japanese Yen.

For your reference, all prices have been converted and displayed in U.S. Dollars ($) and Euros (€).

Please understand that prices may vary slightly with U.S. Dollar and Euro conversion rates.