The art of HAKATA NINGYO has continued its tradition spanning a 400-year history, and has been designated as a traditional craft of Japan.

To this day, each doll is created one at a time by a trained artisan using the hand-made process of working with bisque fired clay.

The specialty of HAKATA NINGYO is its technique of crafting delicate yet rich and detailed engravings which bloom into strikingly realistic curves and hues.

Beginning with the Paris International Exhibition in the 1900’s, these dolls have received great acclaim and continue to be displayed in a multitude of exhibitions and fairs throughout Japan, and the world.

Within the art of HAKATA NINGYO a variety of genres are represented, including Bijin-mono (Beautiful women), Noh-mono (Masked Noh theater dolls), Kabuki-mono (Kabuki theater dolls), Engi-mono (Lucky charms) and Sekku-mono (Traditional dolls representing the seasons). Our Bijin-mono series is especially popular. We are also famous for our Ohajiki (Children’s flat marbles), Otafuku (good luck masks), Fukusuke (good luck dolls), Maneki-neko (Beckoning cat figurines), Eto (Chinese-zodiac animals) and other good luck items.